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Account, Investment, GST , Receivable and System Division is fully responsible for financial and accounts management, investment, GST and handling university's income. This division is led by the Finance Officer W44 and accompanied with 3 Assistant Accountant W29 and 4 Financial Administrative Assistant W19. The objective of this division is to implement financial and account management to become a competent, neat and efficient and to provide quality services to university’s local and external customers.


Account Unit:

To manage finance and accounting jobs by:

  1. Ensuring proper financial records and accounts and compliance with accounting standards
  2. Ensure that university financial statements issued annually and certified clean.
  3. Implement an efficient and accurate financial statements management.


Receivable Unit:

-To manage the university revenue effectively and compliance with financial regulations, accounting and auditing

  1. Affairs management at the counter is efficient and accurate. Official receipts can be issued within 3 minutes
  2. Claims bill (invoices) provided within 3 working days from the date of application.
  3. 100% transaction receipts, vouchers and journal posted to the ledger accurately.

-Managing the collection of debts on time according to the rules that have been made

  1. Claims billing management (invoice) and warning letters delivered on the specified date.
  2. 100% transaction receipts, vouchers and journal posted to the ledger accurately.


Investment Unit:

To manage finance and accounting jobs by: -

  1. Ensure proper financial records and accounts and fully comply with accounting standards
  2. Ensure maximum investment revenue generation.
  3. To manage financial statements with efficiency and accuracy and to manage investment to achieve maximum turnover.




Account Unit:

  1. Service with a friendly, easy, fast and accurate service to customers is a priority.
  2. All official inquiries and correspondence dealt with and resolved within 3 working days.
  3. Ensuring that the university's annual financial statements issued on time and get a clean audit certificate annually.

 Receivable Unit:

  1. Responsible to issue invoice to each debtor;
  2. Issue an official receipt for every payment received and for other revenue;
  3. Ensure stock control receipt recorded perfectly and payments at the counter are controlled by the government financial regulations and procedures.
  4. Manage any payments received by the terminal, E-mail or online;
  5. Updating the debtors ledger;
  6. Provide a general statement of university’s debtors accounts;
  7. Credit control management and provides a warning letter to debtors who exceed the specified credit period
  8. Managing the preparation of periodic reports on the receipt and outstanding debt;

 GST Unit:

-       Review the tax code for each transaction of purchase and supply

-       Ensure the acquisition of the Certificates Under the Goods and Services Tax (Relief / Relief) 2014 for all procurement of equipment and materials subject to the following conditions:

  1. Equipment and material utilized for teaching and learning to program approved by MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency);
  2. Approved by the Director General of Customs;
  3. Using the government's allocation; and
  4. The certificate is signed by the Vice-Chancellor or the authorized officer. For the purposes of this purpose, the authorized officer to sign certificates of release is the Chief Responsibility Center / Head of Finance Zone / Head Office Branch Treasurer / Chief Treasurer's Office Campus / Head of Procurement Management Division Deputy Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer Procurement Management Division

-       Being a mediator to communicate with the customs authorities for any issues that arise and require instant solution

-       Responsible for sending goods and services tax every quarter month after getting the confirmation and approval of the Officer and Bursary

-       Responsible for keeping hold of the supporting documents for goods and services in hardcopy or softcopy as a reference in future

 Investment Unit:

  1. To check and monitor the status and the process of investment and grants
  2. Provide the projected cash requirements each month
  3. Check the entry in the e-maklum
  4. Prepare a report in respect of investments
  5. Review the investments related journal



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