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Account, Investment, GST, Receivable and System Division is fully responsible for financial and account management, investment, GST, and in handling university incomes. This division is led by a (1) Finance Officer (W44) and assisted by three (3) Assistant Accountants (W29) and four (4) Financial Administrative Assistants (W19). This division aims to provide a competent, systematic, and efficient financial and account management as its core business in delivering quality services to local and external clients of the university.


1) Account Unit:

   1.1 To manage finance and accounting responsibilities by :

        a) E
nsuring proper financial records and accounts and complying with the accounting standards.
        b) E
nsuring that university financial statements are issued annually and certified clean.
        c) I
mplementing efficient and accurate management of financial statements.

2) Investment Unit :

    2.1 To manage finance and accounting jobs by:

         a) Ensure proper financial records and accounts and fully comply with accounting standards
         b) Ensure maximum investment revenue generation.

         c) To manage financial statements with efficiency and accuracy and to manage investment to
             achieve maximum turnover.

3) Acceptance & System Unit  :

    3.1 To effectively manage tne university revenue and comply with the financial regulations, accounting
          and auditing i.e.

          a) Efficient and accurate management at the counter in which official receipts are issued within
              three (3) minutes of transaction.

          b) Claim invoices are ready within three (3) working days from the issued date.
          c) 100% of the transaction receipts, voucher and journals are accurately posted to the ledger.

    3.2 To administer timely debts collection in accordance with the rules set on.

          a) Claim billing management (invoices) and warning letters so that the documents are delivered on the
              specified date.
          b) 100% of the transaction receipts, vouchers, and journals are accurately posted to the ledger.


1) Account Unit:

Prioritise a user-friendly, quick, and accurate services to customers.
All official inquiries and correspondences are dealt with and resolved within three (3) working days.
The university annual financial statements are issued on time, and obtain a clean annual audit

2)  Investment Unit:

Check and monitor the status and process of investments and grants.
Provide the projected cash requirements for each month.
Check the entry in e-maklum.
Prepare a report on investments and related matters.
Review investment-related journals.

3) Acceptance & System Unit:

    a) Issue invoice to each debtor.
    b) Issue an official receipt for every payment received and for other revenues.
    c) Ensure stock control receipts are recorded perfectly and payments at the counter are adhered by
        the government financial regulations and procedures.
    d) Manage any payment received via counters, emails or online.
    e) Update the debtors’ ledger.
    f) Provide a general statement of university’s debtors accounts.
    g) Manage credit control and provide a warning letter to debtors who exceed the specified credit
    h) Manage the preparation of periodic reports on the receipt and outstanding debt.


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