"Providing the best financial services"


          1. How to register a company as a supplier of UMP and with whom should I refer? 
Suppliers can visit the website of the UMP (http://apps.ump.edu.my/vendor/vendor/) to register and

              can be connected to the Procurement Division for more information.


         2. What are the ways to apply advances for the staff?

           -Advances application can be made in e-community staff (Financial Management -> E-Services ->

            Advance Claim)


          3. How to review the status of payments for vendor and staff?

              -Checking the status of the payment can be made by contacting the Division of Payment,

              Bursary Department UMP and revisions can also be submitted via email at the

              email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


          4. How to pay the remaining surplus advance cash?

             - The excess of the balance of the advances can be made through the system Maybank2u

              (Bill payment -> make a one off payment -> education and education loans ->

              Universiti Malaysia Pahang (Staff) -> Repayment).


             5.What is the cause of a payment cannot be credited to the account of the applicant?

              -The payment did not succeed was due to account information provided to the Bursary

              Department is incomplete and not updated.

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