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Bursary Asset Management Division is responsible in ensuring efficient, proper and effective asset management in accordance with the procedures established to achieve the mission and vision of the Bursary Department.


Asset Management Division is responsible for

  1. Overseeing the management of all assets and inventories of every department / PTJ under its control including: -

    a) Reception;
    b) Registration;
    c) Use, Storage and Inspection;
    d) Maintenance;Disposal; and
    e) Losses and Write-offs.

  2. Managing the appointment of Assets Officer, Examiners, Board of Disposal Examiners, Reception
    Officer, and Investigating Committee;

  3. Being a secretariat for the Government Asset Management Committee Meeting (JPAK) Department / PTJ;

  4. Coordinating the quarterly report of the department / PTJ to JPAK to be discussed in the meeting which will be held four (4) times a year.

  5. Receiving Annual Report of Asset & Inventory Management from Department / PTJ; and

Preparing and submitting a report of Government Asset Management to Malaysia Treasury before
March 15 the following year.


  1. Asset Management Unit is responsible for managing all of the Asset & Inventory Department / PTJ under its control including:-
  2. Management & Control of Asset Acceptance at PTJ;
  3. Management & Control of Asset / Inventory Registration at PTJ;
  4. Management & Control of Use, Storage and Inspection of Asset / Inventory at PTJ;
  5. Management & Control of Asset / Inventory Maintenance at PTJ;
  6. Management & Control of Asset / Inventory Disposal at PTJ; and
  7. Management & Control of Asset / Inventory Loss Control and write-offs at PTJ.

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