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Payments Division is responsible in managing payment which involves managing the fund for staff claims, suppliers’ claims and other claims. Its main role is to ensure that all payments are carried out in compliance with all circulars and procedures that have been set. This division is also responsible for managing the preparation of periodic reports to the suppliers on payments and other claims.



To administer and manage staff & suppliers finance and other claims:

  1. All staff advance applications processed and paid within seven (7) working days from receiving completed applications.
  2. All claims, payments to suppliers and other claims for Managing Fund will be paid within fourteen (14) days from the date of the bill and supporting documents are received.
  3. Any concerns will be clarified immediately.


  1. Manage staff travel claims payments and other claims
  2. Manage the payment for suppliers
  3. To manage the utility payments
  4. Manage the academic part-time lecturer payment, speakers / facilitators and student’s coaches / instructors and cultural activities.
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