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General Information of Procurement & Policy Department



Companies which joined the UMP market either through acquisition by the Tender / Quotation / eBidding can check the following information in the UMP website through

(i) Notice of the notification to the supplier / contractor

(ii) E-Bidding Notice

(iii) Notice department quotations exceeding RM20,000.00 to RM50,000.00

(iv) Tender Notice

(v) Quotation Notice

(vi) View Price Table

(vii) Tender Results

(viii) Official Quotation Results

(ix) Auction Notice

(x) Auction Results

The company is required to register with the vendor@UMP online at and then in Electronic Procurement System through SENNEGO platform in , Companies are required to upload supporting documents for the purpose of registration in the SENNEGO platform.

UMP officials and staffs are welcome to get advice on the implementation of the procurement from the Procurement Division of UMP for all types of procurement procedure before acquisition is carried out.

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