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Assets are items that cost RM3,000.00 and above, or any possession of government properties that are purchased or rented using the

    Government money, legally obtained through donations or as gifts. Movable assets are assets that can be moved from one place to
    another, including those which are supplied or installed together with the building. Its lifespan is more than one (1) year and requires
    regular maintenance. Inventory has a lifespan of three (3) to four (4) years with original price of turnover lesser than RM3,000.00, and
    does not require regular maintenance.

A :
Yes, all assets must be labeled by using the adhesive barcode stickers retrieved from the barcode sticker system.

A: Yes, all asset movements for resettlement need to be recorded in the Property Movement form (KEW PA 6) to ensure the current

     location of these assets. 

 The purposes of the annual inspection are to

  1. ensure that each asset has a complete, accurate, and correct record
  2. know the conditions and performance of the assets
  3. keep track of the location of each registered asset
  4. ensure that every employee is fully responsible for the assets entrusted upon him/her

 To dispose an asset, a PTJ must

  1. fill in the application for a disposal which is available in the IMS system
  2. get the approval from the Head of Department in form of hardcopy (the printed form) and softcopy (in the IMS system)
  3. attach KEW PA 2 or PA 3 (assets to be disposed) form with the application
  4. send the form with the attachment to the Asset Management Unit, Bursary Department

You can dispose the waste materials, electrical and electronic (e-waste) that are listed in the Department of Environment at the state
     department or its headquarter. A property under the category of supply does not require approval from the Disposal of Assets

 Disposal approval is given to a property, instead of parts or components. However, if the parts or components are to be reused, the PTJ

    should specify the method of disposal in switching (cannibalising) the property during the application and that requires the approval of  
    the Disposal Committee. Also, if the property is still valuable, the property will be reregistered according to the current value or at least

The PTJ needs to apply for dispositive of a property in accordance with the disposition of property procedure. The property will be
      reserved for trade-in disposal and the Examiners Committee will decide on its new price. If the price of the property after the trade-in
     value is lower than the maintenance of the property, the trade-in can be considered after obtaining the approval from the Disposal

 In case of a property loss

  1. The officer responsible for the property should report the loss to the Head of Department. 
  2. Lodge a police report and write a safety report within 24 hours of the loss.
  3. The Head of Department should fill in the KEW PA 28 (Early Loss Report).
  4. The preliminary report, a copy of police and safety report, and related documents should be submitted to the Secretariat of Lost and Damaged Property.

Yes, the pay will not affect any individual’s performance, promotion opportunities, courses, etc. because it is not a disciplinary action.
     The aim is to ensure that employees do not make the same mistake repeatedly. If it happens again, more strict measures may be
     imposed on the individual’s records in the Book Service.

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