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Procurement Division is responsible for ensuring procurement matters related to the acquisition of UMP are implemented by good governance practices in compliance with the principles of acquisition as follows:

(i) Public Accountability - Managing procurement shall be entrusted with responsibility in accordance with policies and regulations.
(ii) Manage transparently - all policies, regulations and the procurement process carried out should be clear, well known and understood based on policy and regulations.
(iii) Best Interest Rate - Procurement management shall provide the best return results for every Ringgit spent.
(iv) Open Competition - procurement process shall provide an open opportunity to all those who are eligible to compete.
(v) Fair and Equitable - An acquisition shall be invited, processed and considered fairly and impartially based on policies and regulations.

The Procurement Division is responsible for achieving the following objectives:

(i) Ensure the acquisition is planned carefully, systematic and in compliance with the current policy of the

(ii) Monitoring the procurement that was conducted with greater transparency to avoid any waste, delays,
     corruption, abuse of power  and procurement irregularities, including overseeing all parties involved in
     the acquisition of Integrity Pact signed document,

(iii) Manage and oversee the administration of the procurement contract in order to comply with the rules;

(iv) Reported revenue with accurate and updated.


Procurement division is responsible for performing the following functions:

(i)   Manage the annual procurement plan of the University;

(ii)  Manage the registration and updating information of suppliers;

(iii)  Manage the preparation of Local Order

(iv)  Operating Revenue In Tender / Quotation / eBidding / Direct Negotiations Managing University
  Secretariat Committee for Quotation / Tender Board / Price Negotiation Committee / Committee of the
  Pre-Feasibility E-bidding

(vi)  Operating Contract Administration 

(vii) Operating Earnings For the MTO + KWIBK

(viii) Manage Supply Contract Agreement

(ix)   Manage Project Advance Payment

(x)    Operating Financing / Factoring

(xi)   Manage the preparation of the Periodic Report Regarding Acquisition

Procurement division provides the following services:

(i) The registration and updating of supplier

(ii) Advisory services for procurement execution of Tender / Quotation / eBidding / Direct Negotiation /
     Quotation B

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