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Student Finance Division, Bursary Department is responsible in managing student financial of Universiti Malaysia Pahang and taking roles in planning and implementing policies related to student financial management based on policies and regulations that have been set. Student Finance Division is among the most important in helping achieving the vision, mission and objectives of the Bursary Department and projected to catalyst in achieving vision, mission and objectives of the establishment of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP).


1-     To manage the revenue of the university and comply with financial regulations, accounting and auditing.

2-     Managing the debt collection / Students tuition fees following the rules and a predetermined time


1-     Responsible for issuing invoice to each student and make a claim fees to the sponsor;

2-     Issuing credit notes for student debtors

3-     Issuing official receipts for all student fees collection

4-     Manage the payment of Scholarship / Loan & fees related to students

5-     To approve fees for EPF withdrawal through education withdrawal scheme and other sponsorship fees;

6-     Provide students debtor account statements;

7-     Credit control management

8-     To prepare periodic reports on student debt arrears and other reports related

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