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"Providing the best financial services"



The Bursary Department was established in accordance with the setting up of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), which was formerly known as the University College of Engineering & Technology Malaysia (KUKTEM), and was officially established on 16 February 2002. The Bursary Department is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the University.

UMP is an institution of higher education driven with competency-based technical university with specialisation in engineering and technology. Two key areas of focus are the chemical, petrochemical and biotechnology as well as the automotive and manufacturing industries.

To meet the Bursary Department accountability in the administration and financial management of the University, the Bursary Department assumes the following roles. It is responsible for:

  • providing financial services (system delivery) to interested parties (stakeholders).

  • ensuring that financial management of the university is implemented efficiently and in compliance with the prescribed regulations set (legality).

  • managing all the records and financial statements of the University (Accountability).

  • ensuring that the University's financial position (cash flow) is in control.

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