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Salaries, Loans & Study Leave Division is led by a Senior Financial Officer (W44) and assisted by two (2) Assistant Accountant (W29), and two (2) of the Financial Administrative Assistant (W19). There are three (3) main scope of which is driven by this division which are Salary Unit, Staff Loan Unit and Study Leave Unit.

The most important unit in this division is Salary Unit that controls monthly salary of UMP staff according to a schedule which is predetermined every year.

Staff Loan Unit is a unit that manages the application for Vehicle Loan Scheme and Computer Funding Scheme. This scheme aim to provide assistance to staff in applying vehicle and computer loans with repayment through payroll deduction for each month following the period prescribed by the university.

          The division also manages payment for Study Leave & Fellowship Scheme involving allowances funded by
          Universiti Malaysia Pahang according to staff or student placement that is either abroad or in the country.
          OBJECTIVE :
           1.   To manage the payment of UMP staff salaries 
                 a. Payment is made according to schedule per year, in accordance to Salary Payment Circular,

2.   Manages payment for Study Leave & Fellowship scheme.
      a. Payment is carried out according to the period of every 3 months.

 3.   To manage the Vehicle Loan Scheme and the Computer & Smartphone Scheme



                     1. Managing payroll
                     2. Managing the process of overtime claims and payment of staff salaries deductions.
                     3. Confirmation of staff salaries
                     4. To prepare the staff annual income statements / last pay slip.
                     5. Managing vehicle loan and financing the computer and smartphone.
                     6. Managing the payment of Study Leave & Fellowship Scheme.

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